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Gelbgold (14 Karat)

Schweres Gewicht


Sehr hochwertige Luxus Gefühl Huggie Creolen


Diese ovalen Creolen in Gelbgold mit Kugelmuster sind die perfekte Balance zwischen elegant und modern. Aufgrund ihrer Höhe von 9 mm und einer Breite von 1,5 mm können diese Ohrringe einzeln oder als sekundärer Ohrring neben einem Statement-Stück getragen werden. Sie können leicht mit einem oder mehreren Ohrringen kombiniert werden und eignen sich auch für das zweite oder dritte Piercing. H7230111

14 Karat Gelbgold Massive 9mm Perlen Huggie Ohrringe

189,00 €Preis
Metal Colour: Gelbes Gold
  •  At HOOPS, we believe your hoop earrings should and will last a lifetime if the proper and necessary care is given and maintained.


    Silver - The appearance of silver will remain intact if jewellery is stored in an airtight container when it is not being used. Silver is a soft metal and can be easily bent out of shape. Silver can also be very carefully formed back into shape with slight force.


    Gold Vermeil - Gold plated earrings should not come into contact with creams, alcohol or perfume. Please put your earrings on AFTER you get ready. Then you can go and dance.


    9ct/14ct/18ct Gold - Gold is a harder more durable metal than silver, although it can too be easily bent out of shape. Try not to sit or stand on your HOOPS. :-)


    We accept the return of any pair of earrings at any time for replacement at a cost of half the full retail price. T&C's Apply.

  • Due to the nature of earrings and the best customer service that we can offer you in terms of hygiene, we do not accept returns on any earrings.


    All earrings are packaged using anti-allergy sterilised gloves. We do not sell earrings that have been previously worn or used on display.


    We do our best to offer you the most comprehensive description on every single item we sell, to avoid you making any mistakes on your purchases. If you need any more information before purchasing, please contact and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

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